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How make fashion and the environment coexist?

Nowadays, more and more vendors and consumers have realized the importance of protecting the environment. Profit and price is not the most important factor during the transaction. So sustainable fabrics and clothing have come into vogue.

Sustainable fabrics are made of recycled yarns, so what are recycled yarns? Recycled yarns which reduce unnecessary wastage and are a much more sustainable alternative to disposal. Using all-natural, natural, organic yarns is the very best point thing for the environment; however, that is only sometimes possible because of many things like cost, availability, allergic reactions, restricted color choices, and functionality, to name just a few. Choosing recycled fibers instead reuses waste fibers, and this is a fantastic environmentally friendly option if you want to help th thwhile and satisfying methods to recycle something old into something new.      

       Recycled yarns are used for many categories, including carpets, clothes, and furnishing items for cars and buildings. With this kind of yarn, we could produce more fashionable clothes at less cost. Leather is one of the indispensable elements in the trends world. As we all know, faux leather protects animals, but now we also have a kind of vegan leather that is ECO-friendly for our environment. Commonly called recycled vegan leather. It kept the same nice texture as the previous one but changed basic cloth to recycled yarns. As the adaptability of this recycled textile is relatively high, it is molded to produce different textures and hand feel.No differences in appearance, features, and handfeels when compared to furs. But it is more money saved and environmental protection.     
        After choosing nice and environmentally recycled leather, you could pick the most loving styling from numerous fashionable clothes. In this blog, you can find some trend stylings from senseng for inspiration.  
        Recycled vegan leather mini dress, a super versatile and essential clothes in your wardrobe, its flattering silhouette with bagged out square neckline, a rebelliously refined style set to turn heads, it also could not only be worn alone but can also be used as an inside match and warm.

         Recycled vegan leather cargo pants, have a relaxed fit through the wide leg that falls below the ankle, providing plenty of conveniences during sports and work. Adopted multi-pockets to provide large-capacity storage. Flattering and comfortable, trendy streetwear. A matching cropped knit top or lace-up blouse is a good choice.

         Recycled vegan leather leggings, it is made of stretchy leather, which is soft and comfortable
, high-waisted design perfect for tummy tucks and hip lifts, giving a 
natural, streamlined leg shape. With matching cropped tops or PU biker jacket to make your own punk style.

   Recycled vegan leather double breasted trench coat, a classical trench coat is given a powerful lift in vegan leather,this design flatters your figure with a self-fabric belt,style this look for one that is seductive,or sophisticated and keep your warm at the same time.

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